Lisa’s Arctic Spirit Adventure

One of my most memorable holidays was a week in Karesuando, Finland on an Arctic Spirit adventure, I really cannot recommend this experience enough!

Karesuando is a twin village located on both sides of the border between Finland and Sweden, situated approx 300km north of the Arctic Circle and located amid majestic, undisturbed and imposing scenery. The village is set on the edge of a vast wilderness where beauty, nature and wildlife abound.

I stayed at The Davvi Arctic Lodge which is a perfect retreat in the heart of Lapland’s Majestic landscapes located alongside the official Northern Lights route. Whether it’s an action packed arctic adventure or a peaceful break the Davvi Arctic Lodge provides a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The centrepiece of the hotel is the beautiful restaurant, which provides spectacular panoramic views across the hillside towards the Swedish part of Karesuando, the restaurant serves an excellent hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner which are all included in the package.

On arrival you are kitted up with an all-in-one thermal suit and boots to keep you warm during your stay also Included in the package was a whole host of arctic activities. Every day we had a different activity on our first day we went on a husky sledding trip which was an unforgettable adventure into the wilderness, pulled by your own team of beautiful huskies. That evening we went on a Northern light forest trek, which was a guided walk through the forest to a spectacular viewpoint, overlooking the divided village of Karesuando. From here, you may be as lucky as I was to witness the Northern Lights dancing above. (Top tip – research camera setting beforehand!)

During the week we visited the reindeer camp and ventured into the wilderness on a reindeer sleigh safari which was a lovely experience I would recommend to wrap up warm on this day as you are sitting down and can be very cold! That evening we had a snowmobile safari excursion when, with the night sky overhead, you head out through the wilderness to a vantage point in the hope of seeing the fabled and magical Northern Lights! And yes we did see them again, we were so lucky we actually seen the lights every night but we were in a great spot to do so!

The hotel is adjacent to an illuminated cross-country skiing track where you get a two hour lesson included in your package if you wish to add on extra time you can do so.

Other activities included are a trip to The Sami museum at Hetta which provides a fascinating insight into the culture and traditions of the Sami people. The Ice Castle which is reconstructed every year features a number of rooms with ornate ice carvings definitely worth a visit!

As well as all the included activities, you will have the option of experiencing a night in an igloo (now that’s something to tell your friends about!) and an optional overnight stay in Tromso, Norway’s cool capital of the high North.

If this is something you are interested in experiencing please get in touch.

The aurora borealis is really a phenomenon that needs to be seen. Photos don’t do it justice.